Option of a warning when lastpass used on a new computer.

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Option of a warning when lastpass used on a new computer.

Postby thibaut » Thu Jun 04, 2009 7:38 am

Odds to steal a computer are less important than to steal or find out a password.
And even less than those of still using credentials past the granted access period.
And if my computer were stolen, the first thing I'd do is change my lastpass password.

Salesforce recently added a neat security feature taking that aspect into account.
They can figure out in some way, when someone logs in from a computer different from the one they traditionally log from.
Did not find which criteria they use for this.
And when detecting access is being attempted from a new computer, they require that the new computer gets authorised via email.
Such feature could be an option "detect and require approval when access to such site is made from another computer than the one I am currently using". And provided only on certain sites according to user preferences.
If I were to share a given access in a professional environment, I want to make sure such access is no longer used when someone remits his computer upon leaving the company. And this, even if I forget to modify the password after being remitted the computer.

On top of securing lastpass even more, such feature would keep customers aware of how much lastpass takes lastpass users security seriously.

Keep up the great work.

Your friend thibaut from Paris.
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