Time delay for login or change to coding in Lastpass

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Time delay for login or change to coding in Lastpass

Postby daybreak0 » Tue May 15, 2012 6:05 pm

I recently submitted a support case for a site, due to an error I receive. When I use either 'Recently visited' or 'Sites' from my Lastpass access on my browser for that particular site, Lastpass coding triggers a reaction from the site and I get a message "Authentication Exception due to incorrect handler", even though Autologin was disabled. If I actually go to my vault, and select 'Go to Url' for the same site, it works fine.
I have to assume that Lastpass coding does not work as I would have thought. In other words as a progression: --go to url only--check if autologin is ticked--if not ticked STOP--if ticked wait until site finished loading--finshed loading--autogin.
Instead its doing other things, causing the exception.

From what I have observed the particular site I am talking about does actually do something in the background which I think is not completing before lastpass does whatever it does which is not autologin. This lead me to believe that its possible other users may have similar problems, where Lastpass does something that causes a problem.

Therefore I request that either the code is more logical as per above, or we can actually allow a time delay based on seconds within 'Edit Site Information' screen.

I realise I may be the only one experiencing this type of problem, and I dont exactly know what is going on in the background nor have the knowhow of testing it, so the solution may not even work, but if others also have similar problems, then maybe there is some solution.

I realise this is a poor feature request, asd I hope it makes sense
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Re: Time delay for login or change to coding in Lastpass

Postby larrymc63 » Thu Jun 25, 2020 7:58 am

I also would like this feature .... I am sad that this old post was never responded to.
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