lastpass constantly requesting Masterpassword

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lastpass constantly requesting Masterpassword

Postby ljnot0620 » Mon Jun 29, 2020 10:36 pm

I have been using lastpass for years. I have it installed on my computer, iPhone and my Galaxy Tab A. Several months back, lastpass started to demand that I enter in the masterpassword everytime before it would fill in the web site login information. When I try to manually enter in the login information, lastpass fights me insisting that it has to be the one to fill in the logon in information (as soon as I enter in the masterpassword). I do not have this problem on my computer or my iPhone. Also, the lastpass login screen is annoying, it will only display the login screen in portrait mode which means I either have to pick up my tablet to rotate it 90 degrees or try to enter in the masterpassword sideways
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