Custom Form Fields Not Retained

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Custom Form Fields Not Retained

Postby abuladeen » Mon Jun 29, 2020 4:45 pm

I'm using LastPass with the Chrome browser with an Asus Flip A302C Chromebook.

Using the Edit Form Fields button in the Edit password dialog box, I defined custom form fields to log in to the federal payments website, EFTPS at After creating and populating the fields, I saved the account information in LastPass, then tested it to make sure the EFTPS login fields were filled correctly.

However, returning to the website a day or two later, I found that some or all of the custom form fields had disappeared. I repeated this series of events a number of times because I couldn't believe this loss of data was really happening.

I'm seeing a couple forum posts from about four years ago reporting this problem. Other than the suggestion that Save All Entered Data is a more reliable way to accomplish the same thing, I'm not sure I see anything that looks like a solution. Even if Save All Entered Data works, manually creating the custom fields ought to work too.

Any help with this?
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