Changed passwords by Google

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Changed passwords by Google

Postby roelphilippeth223 » Thu Jan 16, 2020 12:01 pm

I see that Google is also online.
What do you think they're looking after?
I can't believe that you let that happen. Why don't you reply to my mails? Google changed for the umpteenth time my password and when I get in (I don't say how) in one of my 2 lastpass Red (I can't access the black one) I even can't see my passwords although I changed my master password, which is not working again. I mailed you 20 times and the problem isn't solved yet. You find it more important to send review forms than reading and replying to my mails. Your service sucks! I WANT TO be helped and fast. After you solved the problem, maybe I will evaluate your team.
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