LastPass, what happened to you?

What do you love about LastPass? What do you hate about it? Tell us why you like it, why you don't, and why.

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LastPass, what happened to you?

Postby kukurin » Sat Nov 09, 2019 8:44 am

Hello, I’ve been using LP for several years. I was a happy and loyal customer.
During the last year, I started to observe LP is getting worse and worse. The browser extension was constantly asking for an update, nevertheless the update process could not be finished. LP support is probably managed by robots so I didn’t receive any help. (Eventually I had to delete all my forms (!) to be able to update.)
On my Android phone, LP popup is very erratic. When I need to login to a new app, there is no LP popup allowing me to fill stored name and password. But when I search for music in Spotify app, yes, the screen is constantly flooded by LP trying to fill my password into Spotify search field.
Hey LastPass, what’s wrong with you?
I just signed up for 1password to tested and hey, there are no annoying popups in Spotify!
So it is time to say good bye after a decade or so.
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