Allow select 2FA Lastpass Authenticator + Yubico

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Allow select 2FA Lastpass Authenticator + Yubico

Postby jorgeluiso176 » Thu Nov 07, 2019 2:07 am

I have currently set up Both the Lastpass Authenticator and Yubico for 2FA. The issue is that the one picked as default is the only one that works. There is no way to select the type of 2FA that you wish to use given the device.

If I select Yubico as my default 2FA then I can't log into my iPhone to last pass (or any other computer) even if I have access to the Lastpass Authenticator codes since the prompt allow me to switch from Yubico to Lastpass Authenticator.

The expected behavior would be that the 2FA input box should accept any valid code from either the Lastpass Authenticator generator, the Yubico key or the grid.
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