Import from Chrome provides empty passwords

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Import from Chrome provides empty passwords

Postby lpuser8623 » Mon Oct 28, 2019 2:47 pm

Hi, I had previously been using Lastpass only as a Chrome extension, but had some sync issues with shared folders, so decided to uninstall the extension, re-install using the Full-install Chrome installer and stop Chrome's built in password management to stop any interference from this. This was recommended as a procedure in the Lastpass help, especially if the extension was originally installed from Chrome Web Store (I can't remember if this was the case or not).

During installation it offered to move all passwords from Chrome into Lastpass, which I consented to. While business related credentials were already in last pass, which had been manually input separately on another computer, there were quite a lot of general and personal related credentials that had been stored just in Chrome on this PC, and I thought these were going to be moved to Lastpass. However, I now have a lot of imported Sites in the Lastpass Vault that have blank username and blank password, and the originals are missing from Chrome now.

If this is a potential installation error, perhaps there should be some warning to export the passwords from Chrome before going through with the export/delete, as as far as I'm aware this is irreversible now.
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