Delete Shared Passwords without Removing from Other Accounts

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Delete Shared Passwords without Removing from Other Accounts

Postby davem872 » Fri Jul 26, 2019 1:07 pm

I'm not sure how this isn't a thing, as it seems like such a necessity for an enterprise level product.

It would be great if one could share a password with another user (or placed in a shared folder) and then delete the password from one's own account without also deleting from other user's accounts/shared folders.

For example, lets say AdminA is providing UserZ with a password for ServiceX. They create an entry in LastPass and share it with UserZ. Not wanting their LastPass to become cluttered with unnecessary passwords they then delete the is now also deleted from UserZ's account! Gahh!

Think also of an occasion where UserB has shared passwords and folders with a number of users. They are leaving the company and decide to clean out their LastPass account - all those other users now lose their shared usernames/passwords!

I haven't tried this yet but am wondering, what happens if UserC is leaving the company and AdminA deletes their account which includes various shared entries and folders? Do they get deleted from everyone else's account also? Yikes!

I understand that one may not always want an individual to permanently have a shared entry/folder - but in services like Dropbox when you delete a folder it prompts you whether you want to let the shared individual keep a copy of the contents...this would be really swell.

One could also have an option when initially sharing to determine what the entry/folder is "perma-shared" (aka user keeps even if deleted by the original creator) or "temp-shared" (aka user loses access to entry if original creator deletes entry)
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Re: Delete Shared Passwords without Removing from Other Acco

Postby Kaitsu » Wed Sep 11, 2019 10:52 am


I would like to send passwords to people, not having to keep them myself. Now I have to create site or secure note, share it with the person I want to get the password and then tell them to make a copy out of it so that I can delete the one that I shared. It's unnecessarily complex now.

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Re: Delete Shared Passwords without Removing from Other Acco

Postby tech9iner » Wed Sep 25, 2019 5:26 pm

Indeed! I just learned the hard way that if I share some passwords with someone else's LP acct.. then that person accidentally deletes them (newbie).. THEY WERE ALSO deleted (and unrecoverable) from my original account sent from?! :oops: WTF thought this was a great idea without ANY WARNING as to such outcomes?! smfh
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Re: Delete Shared Passwords without Removing from Other Acco

Postby cyndylewilew » Tue Jan 07, 2020 8:32 pm

I would love to see this feature! Please, please do it! As I set up new employee accounts for various software systems, I create a profile for employees in LastPass with all their credentials. I'd love to be able to send all their passwords to a LastPass account, rather than print a card for them with all their credentials (which promotes bad security habits). I don't need to keep their credentials in my vault forever, so I delete them as soon as they're on-boarded. It'd make things so much easier if I could just send them their credentials without storing them in my vault. It would also help drive adoption of LastPass for my users (which means more licenses purchased).
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