I would pay $24/yr for option to rever to old layout

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I would pay $24/yr for option to rever to old layout

Postby leon08003 » Fri Jun 14, 2019 11:03 am

(Title should have been "revert" not "rever.")

Years ago, I was a paying Last Pass customer.

Then, the features important to me were incorporated into the Free version, so a Free user I became.

Using LastPass to capture many fields on a page, modify those fields, and then use LastPass as the easiest to use form filler was very helpful.

Now, months after the introduction of the new layout, I find Last Pass to be cumbersome and unusable as a form filler.

If the problem is with User Training, then please post some updated videos on You Tube.

If the problem is with the new layout, then PLEASE GIVE ME THE OPTION TO PAY FOR THE OLD MENUS.

$24 a year would be fair for this one feature.

Leon Roomberg
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