An annoying add-in that makes online worse

What do you love about LastPass? What do you hate about it? Tell us why you like it, why you don't, and why.

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An annoying add-in that makes online worse

Postby jimaginator » Fri Jun 14, 2019 10:33 am

I have had LastPass for 2 days now, and no matter how many times I log in, it still gives me the "You're almost done, just log in" message. It co-opts the browser and takes me to its page for logging in, as if that is the most important page. It isn't. What I want is for my browser to go to the home page that I WANT, not what it wants. After about 20 unnecessary log ins, I finally just turned off the add in. This seemed to be the only way to get it to start doing this. The IDEA of LastPass is a good one, but...
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