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Price Increase

Postby dcks » Tue May 07, 2019 3:33 pm

We've only been using LastPass Enterprise for a year and we just received our notice for renewal. There is a 33% increase! I opened a ticket and received some line about the landscape of credential management changing quickly, so on and so forth. Yeah - and? Almost every other technology space out there is also changing quickly. Let's talk storage, for example. Checking competitors prices, both OneLogin and Dashlane are holding steady at $4/user/year, just like they were last year so LastPass seems to be the only one to think they are innovating so fast that the need a substantial price hike. (I read in other forum posts Premium has increased 200% over the past 3 years!)

I just wanted to give my two cents and hopefully garner some support from other Enterprise admins that this kind of an increase year over year is ridiculous and unwarranted. Time to look at other options... again...
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Re: Price Increase

Postby SimplyStated » Fri May 17, 2019 9:26 am

Hi dcks,

I can definitely agree with the price hike being ridiculous. Especially with the customer service so seriously lacking in anything (responses, response time, usefulness, etc.). Unfortunately, it appears that LastPass and LogMeIn don't value their Enterprise customers. I have, myself, reached out to my account representative and received ZERO response from him. I myself AM looking at other options, as at some point LastPass is going to fail.
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