a list of grievances

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a list of grievances

Postby daystar » Fri Mar 15, 2019 11:52 pm

I used LastPass for YEARS and appreciated many things about it...but using it was not one of those things. I found it incredibly unstable, overly complex, and generally buggy and ill-designed. And that persisted across devices and browsers. I used it on iPhones, Androids, Macs, PCs, every browser imaginable and it was just endlessly frustrating to use. I honestly could not take the time to report every issue and I found the settings so complicated I couldn't ever troubleshoot it myself. I'm submitting this list not so that I can get the problems solved, but just to report issues I found. I no longer need them solved because I switched to 1Password, which costs $$ and which I, so far, find to be a joy to use.

Logging in twice. If I log in using the LastPass bubbles in the username/password fields, it will appear I'm logged in, but as soon as I try to autofill, the LastPass login window opens up and I have to log in again.

The LastPass bubbles in the fields are frequently non-responsive.

In Chrome, if I'm logged out of LastPass because I logged in elsewhere, my LastPass browser extension bubble is yellow. If I click on it, it expands into an error message saying I'm logged out. I have to click "OK" and then I have to click the bubble again to log in. Three clicks--open error, click "OK," click again to open login window. Please, can we get this down to one click? On that one click, it should expand and say "You're logged out" and the fields to log in should already be there, I should be able to tab into the fields, type, hit "return," and be done.

Sometimes if I click the LastPass bubbles in the username/password fields, the result is "no matching sites" but if I click the browser extension button, there is a matching site.

Sometimes if I click the LastPass bubbles in the username/password fields, nothing happens. No flyout menu to choose a login, no nothing. But there's the little number on the browser extension showing at least one login available, and if I use the browser extension button, I can choose a login. Sometimes it fills, sometimes it doesn't.

Every time I log in to my vault, it asks me if I want to take the Families tour, which is confusing, since I didn't even pay for a Families account.

Trying to update my master password and after waiting for it to reencrypt everything, I get an error message saying my settings cannot be updated right now.

The browser extension button sometimes is yellow but appears to be logged in since there is a litle number indicating an available login--but if I click on the browser extension to see why it is yellow, the little flyout menu/notification is blank with only a button that reads "OK."

Trying to edit a site, I add some info to the notes field, click save, and get the yellow banner error message: "ERROR Invalid Response"

Sharing a folder is mind boggling. When I open up the sharing window, the people it is shared with are shown a seemingly infinite number of times (so if I've shared it with joe@gmail.com and mike@gmail.com, I see a list of joe, mike, joe, mike, indefinitely).
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Re: a list of grievances

Postby jpenny84 » Sat Mar 16, 2019 12:12 pm

It really sounds like you are either not retaining cookies, or you have a corrupt browser profile.
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