LastPass Authenticator on Two Devices - Push Notifications

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LastPass Authenticator on Two Devices - Push Notifications

Postby smgold62 » Sun Jan 27, 2019 10:40 pm

I installed LPA on my Samsung Phone (S7). LPA worked fine for ages. I have a dozen sites using 2FA including LastPass. I installed LPA on my Samsung Tab A (2017) about 2 months ago.

Now, the push notifications I used to get on my phone are now being sent to the tablet. I don't want this. I want my phone to get those notifications. I'd like to keep LPA on both devices if possible but I use my phone much more often than the tablet.

Can somebody please tell me how to get my phone back to receiving those push notifications again?

If there is a way to accomplish this, is there any risk of losing the configurations for the 12 sites I have in LPA already? I will certainly backup LPA before attempting anything.

TIA to anyone who can help. I can't seem to make LP Support understand what I want to do. They only say that LPA does not work correctly on two devices at the same time. SMH.
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Re: LastPass Authenticator on Two Devices - Push Notificatio

Postby ttlastpass598 » Wed Feb 13, 2019 5:29 pm

Same problem here, fixed by turning off 2-factor, deleting lastpass from authenticator, and setting up again. Now backup will sync to your tablet authenticator but pushes to phone
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