appstorecopy.php, cannot translate string

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appstorecopy.php, cannot translate string

Postby oneFinn » Thu Mar 01, 2018 11:34 am


While doing translations to finnish, I came across with sebtence "With Lastpass, keeping your password safe is as simple as one touch. Simply lock all of your passwords away in your vault, and use your LastPass password and Touch ID to sign in to all your accounts. Use LastPass for document storage, password protection or workplace security. Our password locker can handle it all.", string ID 119/54

Cannot add translation, word count of "LastPass" never accepts the results (either 2 of 3 or 3 of 2..) for example following reports:

"LastPassin kanssa salasanojesi suojattu käyttö on yhden kosketuksen takana. Lukitse kaikki salasanasi holviin ja käytä LastPassin salasanaa ja Touch ID:tä kirjautuessasi eri tileillesi. Käytä LastPassia turvallisena dokumenttivarastona, salasanojen suojapaikkana ja työasioiden säilönä.". It has 3 occurences of "LastPass" and error message says "You included 3 but 2 are required". I removed one of the strings. Error message changed to "You included 2 but 3 are required". Dead end.. what's wrong?
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