It is sad when the loss is

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It is sad when the loss is

Postby perfectlypeg » Wed Dec 06, 2017 12:52 am

More important to the individual than to a whole company. You would think the whole company would be really worried that they have so many unhappy customers, but from reading this forum, it appears that Last Pass hasn't even noticed. I was finally able to delete everything, even Firefox program because I could not get rid of the Xmark nag screens. I had tried everything I could think of to get it to stop, but nothing worked. I am disabled so I really need software to work and to perform as advertised. Obviously Last Pass has a different idea of what they are promised to provide. IT appears to be some moving scale to them, changing with the wind. When I joined a few years back, it was a godsend. I absolutely must have a program that I can depend upon because of my disability. IF the software doesn't work I am at a standstill with being able to purchase the products for daily living. I log-in and then all I get is a nag asking me constantly to log in. I want to scream at it. I am already logged in.
And lately Last Pass is getting quirky on me. It has stopped asking to keep my passwords as it has in the past. I have it installed on everything from every computer to the kitchen sink. It has lost its consistent nature between computers. Why can't you sync like Evernote? Are they the only people who get it right? Wake up people. Some of us just can't hang around until you get your act together. Look around you, do you think your special? I'm seeing a lot of competition out there......If I worked at Last Pass I'd probably be out looking for a job. Is that why you can't perform customer service. A mass exodus?
Hmmmmm. it's a serious consideration
Perfectly Peg :( :( :(
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Re: It is sad when the loss is

Postby oCraig » Thu Dec 07, 2017 1:06 pm

I feel your pain, Peg.

From what I can tell, Xmarks will always be LastPass' perennial red-headed stepchild. Which is sad, since before being purchased by LastPass, Xmarks was that 'godsend'.

I have been heavily using LastPass & Xmarks for a couple of years now. Most recently, I've been test-driving LastPass Family. But I have started looking at alternatives, in large part because of the lack of active development & support for Xmarks. The pain threshold for changing has been met with the issues related to Firefox 57.

Peg, for flawless bookmark synchronization, consider looking at the publisher-specific solutions. Both Google & Mozilla have very good, very stable sync features. These can also be used for passwords, if you so choose. Of course, that leads to a new kind of product lock-in. However, both Google & Mozilla have comparatively excellent track record with making sure their sync utilities "just work."

Google Chrome's sync is explained here - ... 4794?hl=en
Mozilla Firefox's sync is explained here - ... y-computer

By the way, I have also had a very good experience with mobile Firefox. Best of luck, Peg. I'll monitor this thread if you happen back and want to continue this convo.

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Re: It is sad when the loss is

Postby matthelm » Fri Dec 08, 2017 12:56 pm

I'd agree with you, but:
1. Neither supports profiles.
2. Neither supports the other browser.

I sure wish Xmarks programmers would get off there rear and write code that works. 3 updates, and no change in support at all!
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