Recommendations for the original writers (in progress...)

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Recommendations for the original writers (in progress...)

Postby J M » Sat May 16, 2009 2:48 pm

Recommendations for the writers of the original version in English:

1. Try not to split sentences. If possible, use %slink%s for hyperlinks instead of splitting the sentence in 2/3 parts. In some languages, an incomplete English sentence can be translated in many different ways, sometimes meaning the contrary. (The respect to this one would be greatly appreciated)
2. If a space is necessary, put it at the beginning of the next sentence; never at the end of the previous one. The translators wouldn't notice it and the translated text would "look likethis"
3. Bear in mind that the unformatted preview in the translation tool only shows the first x characters of a string. If there is a \n further on, the translator might not notice it in the formatted view.
4. If the length of the string is critical for the formatting of the final layout, bear in mind that the translated version sometimes might need to take significantly more space. (Not all languages are as beautifully concise as English :) ) . Most languages require about 10% more space than English (see WolframAlpha...)
5. ...
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Re: Recommendations for the original writers (in progress...)

Postby JoeSiegrist » Mon May 18, 2009 9:42 am

These are good tips -- thanks, we'll endeavor to put them into practice.
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