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Translation into Azerbaijani

Postby simurqq » Tue May 18, 2010 10:56 pm

Well, first of all, thank you very much for updating the website with Azerbaijani terms fresh from "my office"! :o) It's nice to see my work help my nationals better know LastPass.

Now, directly to some minor requests and questions, if possible:

1) The flag of Azerbaijan in the Language Selection Bar on is missing. Actually, it shows the Moldovan flag instead. May I kindly request admin to change it to ?

2) I would also like to request to change the name of language on the same bar from "Azərbaycan dili" to "Azərbaycanca". This will not have any effect on the meaning but this way we will cut "... dili" (which means "language") to a simpler ending "-ca" which means the same.

3) I have a little problem with translation of some sentences divided into several parts as individual elements. Not a real example but will help to understand the situation: "I go to school" is a complex sentence and when divided into individual elements in Translation Tool it becomes 1) I; 2) go; 3) to school. The trick is the translation of the same sentence into Azerbaijani will require the sentence to be reversed, i.e. the first element of the sentence will be "to school", the second - "go", the third - "I". Similar to Japanese! If so translated, this will mean nothing to the user/reader.

Also, unlike English, Azerbaijani words almost always contain endings. In this particular example "I go to school" will be translated as "Məktəbə gedirəm" (note the colors!). Therefore, it is VERY important to know where the English sentence starts and where it ends. So, the question is HOW this can be applied within the Translation Tool?!?

Thank you very much in advance!

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