some newbie questions

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some newbie questions

Postby hansm49981 » Thu Feb 04, 2016 7:37 pm


I just joined this forum, to help translate LP in Dutch. As I strolled through the LP-Translate page I saw that the Dutch translation is already for 100% finished :shock: . Chapeau, and well done :D ! So nothing to do here anymore for me, and I went to the LP Help pages because I remembered the horrible translation I saw a few weeks ago. And look: still there, as horrible as before! For example the section about the use of the Password Generator shows a horrible mixture of English and Dutch. So absolutely horrible that it almost looks funny and make you smile but on the other hand it ridicules the program LP. So, what happened to the translation my "fellow translators" made? And/or what is the exact meaning of this 100%.? I would like to help to translate the manual, as is, so item by item, paragraph by paragraph, page by page. Scrolling down the list which is on the Lastpass-Translate page, I can't get the faintest idea what I'm translating for.
Can somebody help me with these questions?


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Re: some newbie questions

Postby dmitrijLP » Sun Apr 17, 2016 12:58 pm

If you see the correction translation, it might need to be checked and pushed, also depending on the software once pushed it should be included in the next update, please open a ticket should your translated language require such actions - Also we highly appreciate the contribution :).
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