help.php: not translated

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help.php: not translated

Postby J M » Tue Nov 03, 2009 1:07 pm

Here I come again reporting major security bugs..... ;)

[*] In help.php:
- Under "LastPass for Windows Mobile": The last paragraph is not available for translation
- The "Send Email" button can't be translated.
- Under "LastPass for Google Chrome ALPHA": The whole help text is not available for translation

[*] Also, in the 1-page manual, all the text becomes bold after "Frequently Asked Question" (LastPass for iPhone/iPod Touch)

[*] Even though I have the website and the FF plug-in configured in Spanish, when I click for Help in the plug-in, the help text in the window that pops up is in English. Users that don't understand English would not appreciate this.
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Re: help.php: not translated

Postby bob » Tue Nov 03, 2009 6:51 pm

That is great attention to detail!

[*] We intentionally left out the last sentence in winmo since we thought it was going to change soon, but it likely will not, so I will add back in.

Same with Chrome, we didn't want to have our translators spend time on something that was going to change soon. I am hopeful they will not require the dev channel release soon, so those instructions will likely change soon.

[*] I will fix the bold issue.

[*] I will try to change the plugins to pass the current language of choice to the help page. Good idea.

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