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Backup language option

Postby chaputjp302 » Wed Jun 10, 2015 6:39 pm

I'm not knowledgeable in web design so this might not be doable or require heavy processing.... I'll ask anyway. Is there any way a language could be set with a similar language as a backup when no translation is available?

I'll try to illustrate and maybe someone can tell me if I'm just talking crazy :

Currently if I load a web page with the locale set as French (Canada) and it has not been translated, I can read it in English... or a blend of French and English. But if I switch to French (France) I might see it has been translated in tis entirety.

If it was possible to set French (France) as a backup or secondary language to the French (Canada) locale, it could display the translated France material when it exists instead of English as the default... and vice-versa.

You could then maybe also choose to validate a translation that was already made in that secondary language instead of translating from English which requires more (human) processing. It seems to me that people translating for their own language could help other languages as well and accelerate the global effort.

Countries where the spoken language is English (US, UK, AU, English Canada, etc.) don't have that problem obviously and could be considered the exception, but imagine how much faster it could help to deliver translations across 5 different cyrillic dialects (or spanish, arabic, germanic, etc).

While I personally don't have a problem reading english, I know for me promoting the adoption of Lastpass to fellow French Canadians is more difficult because of email communications sent in English only and untranslated web objects that makes the web app a mismatch of multiple language that doesn't always look professional.
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