Priority to forms - Alt custom fields for any language

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Priority to forms - Alt custom fields for any language

Postby ycc2106 » Mon Aug 10, 2009 3:12 am

It is a nuisance that so little languages are supported for forms.
I think forms should be a priority for translation - just that part, as most users understand English bur may want, like me, to use it in other languages.

  • If there was a custom alternative text field on the 1st tab, (or at least more custom fields), LastPass could be used in all language forms! There could be checkbox 'enable custom alternative fields' (+ you could retrieve most used alternative inputs to add as language.)

Could help for french, I see some things I'd like to comment but what login is it? the same for Lastpass?, this forum or do we have to create a new one?
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