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autofill from secure notes

PostPosted: Wed Jun 17, 2009 5:40 pm
by Siegfried
I would like to use lastpass for half-filling the login forms: I dont really want to store all critical data for internet banking in my lastpass account (which can be compromised if something hijack master pass), instead I would like to be able to press right mouse button on form field, then select LASTPASS/COPY SECURE NOTE and then select the right note to fill the field - I think this would make things harder for keyloggers (especially if lastpass plugin is not using clipboard - is it?)

In that way I could fill in the numbers (very annoying to remember, normally I hold them somewhere and then manually copy, which may be hijacked)

Is there a possiblity that lastpass would apply a mask over that field (so it would be impossible to grab a screenshot) ? I understand that it's still possible to extract the value from browser data passed to server if it's not encrypted.

King Regards