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Different coloured Lastpass favicon

PostPosted: Wed May 27, 2009 6:12 am
by Julian
I'm using Lastpass bookmarklets and I have two on my bookmarks toolbar, one for login and one for formfill. When dragged to my bookmarks bar I get generic icons (a blank sheet of paper with the corner folded) for both of the bookmarklets. My browser allows me to set manually an icon for my bookmarks so I have downloaded the red lastpass favicon.ico file from your web site and have used that for my login bookmarklet. I would really like to set a meaningful icon for my formfill bookmarklet as well and a lastpass star icon, but just in a different colour, would be ideal.

Presumably it would only be a few minutes of work to provide an alternative version of the lastpass favicon with a different colour of star in the middle, maybe green or blue instead of white. I for one would find this really useful to identify my lastpass bookmarklets on my bookmarks toolbar. Is there any chance that you could provide this?

- Julian