Hyperlinks in Vault

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Hyperlinks in Vault

Postby jafo » Tue May 26, 2009 3:28 pm

In the Vault, only the "Name" Column launches a new tab, logging me into my site, but more should as well.

I see that the mouse pointer icon turns into the pointing finger when I mouseover all the columns (showing there is a hyperlink), but not all of the columns do anything when clicked.

Why can't we click the URL column entry to open a new tab and log me into the site? Why aren't the rest of the columns the same way?

There are 2 reasons why people would click on any column: login to the site or edit/view that record

Unless the user clicks in the Action, Delete or Share columns, it's a sure bet they want to login.

Can't wait for LP to work with my desktop apps.
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