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Unified LastPass Interface

PostPosted: Mon Mar 23, 2009 8:15 am
by incoherent

What I would like to see, when the desktop client is completed, is a Unified LastPass Interface (apart from the various product interfaces).
When I first started using LastPass some time ago (since then I've fallen in love and become a premium user... :)), I was somewhat confused as to what I was supposed to install.

Let me explain my utopia:

  1. You install product using a single installer. (Not one for FF, one for IE etc.)
    • You will of course have the option to de-select products to install.
  2. This single package is updated as a package. (Currently the FF add-on and IE add-on must be updated separately)
    • This will also answer the questions like:
      What's the current version of LastPass Pocket?
  3. In a LastPass Control Panel you control the installed components...
    • Account settings (without using the web browser).
    • Settings that are common to all products. (You have the option to have the same setting for all your products, or you specify the setting per product in some nifty user-inteface... ;))
    • Product specific settings.
    • Enable / disable products.
    • Add / remove products.
    • Force update check / install update.
    • LastPass Importer, import / export.
  4. Native LastPass Vault. (So you don't have to start IE or FF to access your passwords)
    • This vault could be incorporated into LastPass pocket, eliminating the listed LastPass + Firefox Portable solution.
  5. System tray (or whatever it's called on e.g. Linux) access. (To access Control Panel, Vault etc.)
  6. Etc.

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