Autosubmit site-specific custom fields

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Autosubmit site-specific custom fields

Postby JulianL » Tue Dec 09, 2008 7:51 am

I have this site set up in Lastpass:

As can be seen from the site, there is no login for this site so my site record has no username or password set up, the only thing in the record is a single postalcode site-specific form field. This form field is set up with my post code so that I can use Lastpass to enter this into the "Your Local Forecast" box towards the top of the page and this works but the real icing on the cake would be if LastPass could then click the go button to enter the information.

Am I correct in assuming that the reason it doesn't auto submit currently is because there is no login information for the site and that auto-submit is linked to login rather than form filling?

I accept that it would be recklessly brave to allow LastPass to autosubmit on random never-before-encountered forms in the hope that it had filled in every field correctly but I do think that it would be a worthwhile addition to have the option, for specific sites, to force an autosubmit on a form-only site on the basis that the user will have carefully tuned the form filling rules to be 100% accurate for that particular site.

- Julian
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