Preferences help (or clarification?)

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Preferences help (or clarification?)

Postby zyzzyvas » Sat Mar 21, 2009 11:55 pm

I'd like to suggest some improvements to the lastpass preferences window. Presently (LP 1.50), there is a block of checkboxes in the General section as follows:

- Highlight Input boxes
- Show Login Notifications
- Show Notifications
- Automatically Fill Login Information
- Show Form Fill Notifications
- Show Save Site Notifications

My comments/suggestions...

1) The "automatically fill login information" item does not fit amongst its neighbors (all notifications). Put it up with "highlight input boxes".

2) The "show notifications" items is confusing. Does this enable/disable ALL notifications? Notifications other than save site, login, etc? Or what? Some tooltip help or a clearer description would help.

3) The four notification preferences really belong in their own section. Perhaps a layout like:

- Login
- Form Fill
- Save Site
- Other (errors, tips, etc.)

Great work with 1.50, especially the Yubikey support. Looking forward to trying it out, and seeing what other authentication options you may offer in the future!
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