Applications idea/request

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Applications idea/request

Postby JacobS » Mon Aug 02, 2010 8:02 am


I am a new user and was made interested in LP by Security Now, and also because of Lastpass for Applications.

I have not searched the forum for information if this has been discussed before so I am sorry if this post is unnessesary.

When I saw applications I thought of something totaly diffrent than what it was, and I could not know untill I payed for premium wich was just bad luck. But not much mony so nvm.

However what I would like too see is this.

I want to be able to add hosts forinstance host1, host2.host3 and so on and these have logins such as SSH and MySQL.

Properties under such a host could be (One host can have alot of services)
Application1 putty hostname: host1 pass:***** username: root commandline: -X -P 22
Application2 heidisql hostname: host1 pass:**** username: admin commandline:-P 3306

These would then be started like this

C:\path\putty.exe %username%@%hostname% -pw %pass% %commandline%
C:\path\heidisql.exe -u %username% -h %hostname% -p %pass% -d %name%

I have made my own program to handle this and think it works wonderfully but would rather have it in Lastpass or an application like this for use in my company and for my customers.
In this way being able "maby" to assign ssh and mysql access without realy releasing passwords.

What we do is do a checksum on putty.exe and allow it if the checksum is cleared, that way we hinder users from changing the command to something to fish the password. It can still be done but it is not as easy.

Anyways I would love for this functionallity to exist in Lastpass.

Kind Regards
Jacob Sandin
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Re: Applications idea/request

Postby JoeSiegrist » Fri Aug 13, 2010 2:08 pm

We've been thinking through ways to handle command line and SSH type applications -- we need the functionality too; thanks for your input.
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Re: Applications idea/request (putty)

Postby kkitts » Wed Nov 17, 2010 5:03 pm

Are you still working on this?

I realize that the application is geared towards web applications - which is extremely useful. But I would hazard a guess that there are multitude of IT pros that could use an application like this as well if it supported things like putty.

Any workaround, hints or tips for integrating with putty would be most apprec.


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Re: Applications idea/request

Postby brenbart » Tue Nov 30, 2010 12:47 pm

As another IT person I definitely agree that the inability to pass variables and parameters to the command-line is a major issue since this effects putty, rdp and really anything where you have a single executable that requires a parameter.

I realize this use case probably isn't there for the average user but rather an IT user who often has many, many more passwords than most people. I think getting this to work for us is particularly important considering that it's the IT users who will quite often be driving your Enterprise sales.

I was pushing my organization to go with LP and I still may simply as a password vault but I must admit I'm rather disappointed in "LP for Applications" for the IT user. I could see it working somewhat for the general users though.

I think we are actually talking about two different uses; One is responding to a command-line prompt such as username/password whereas the other is simply storing and executing a command-line that contains variables and parameters. I can see that responding to command-line prompts would be a thorny issue but the case of issuing a command-line with specific parameters doesn't seem like it would be that difficult.

Could the problem be that you are trying to use a hammer to pound a nail and drive a screw when you really need to use separate tools to get the job done properly? (LP for Apps, issue a command-line statement with parameters, respond to command-line prompts respectively) i.e. "LastPass for Applications" fills in fields in GUI apps and then you have another tool called something like "LastPass CLI" that just issues a stored command.

Hmm... Slight tangent but how about "LastPass Scripter" that would securely store an entire script and be able to execute it. This could be used to replace all sorts of batch files and scripts as well as handle the Putty/RDP cases.

This all seems very simple to me... but then I'm not really a programmer. :lol:
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Re: Applications idea/request

Postby henno » Thu Feb 17, 2011 6:10 am

JoeSiegrist Wrote:We've been thinking through ways to handle command line and SSH type applications -- we need the functionality too; thanks for your input.

Another IT pro asking here. Any update?
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Re: Applications idea/request

Postby JacobS » Fri Feb 25, 2011 9:29 am

Bump + API question

I noticed an unanswered API thread when searching for an API interface to lastpass.

Lastpass do not seem to have an public API atleast I did not find anything after a quick search.

If Lastpass did have an API, I would be able to build functions such as the one discussed here myself.

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