Convert disabled Enterprise user into a shared folder

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Convert disabled Enterprise user into a shared folder

Postby KorinDallas » Wed Jun 24, 2020 12:00 pm

Provide a way to easily convert the vault of a disabled Enterprise user into a shared folder, so that the passwords can be distributed to the person/group taking over their duties.

As an Enterprise admin, when an employee leaves, I must figure out what to do with the user's passwords. Currently, LastPass does not offer any straightforward process to administratively redistribute the passwords of one user to another. We can do this in a very roundabout way by the following process:
1) log in as a super admin
2) re-enable the user's account (requires an available user license)
3) change the user's password
4) log out of the super admin and log in as the user
5) create a shared folder
6) move the user's passwords, one folder at a time, into the shared folder
7) invite other users to the shared folder
8) log out of the user's account and back in as an admin, and finally,
9) disable the user

This is time-consuming and error-prone. Instead, offer a simple menu option for super admins to convert the vault of a disabled user to a shared folder and assign access. Note, this would require the enterprise policy "Permit super admins to reset master passwords" to have been enabled before the user was offboarded, otherwise, there is no way to change the password or access the user's vault.
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