LastPass for Chrome skip password update

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LastPass for Chrome skip password update

Postby arnoldsaens419 » Wed Jun 10, 2020 5:32 pm

I'd like the abililty to skip a password update for specific sites that I don't want to update the password. After beginning a login process for a site and using the password I have stored in LastPass, I make a change or 2 to the password provided by LastPass and then I can enter the password protected site but each time LastPass prompts me to change/update the password. I'd like an option to skip the password update for that site for future visits to that specific site. It happens to be a bank site that I only visit a few times a month and I am more than happy to increase my sucurity by providing other characters that only I know for the site but after months, perhaps years, of LastPass asking me to update the password I thought I'd put in for a feature request.
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