iOS App - YubiKey - Too Many Steps to Authenticate

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iOS App - YubiKey - Too Many Steps to Authenticate

Postby jaredpotter278 » Mon Aug 19, 2019 6:05 pm

The number of steps required to authenticate with the iOS LastPass app with the Yubikey is far too many. Right now the steps follow:
1.) (pre-filled username) Enter master password
2.) On "Multi-factor Required" Click "NEXT" (ignore the "trust this device" for security reasons)
3.) Get prompted to choose "hold it to device" or "plug it in"
4.) Then hold Yubikey up to the device.

Also, sometimes I see a prompt by iOS to "Save Password" which I have to dismiss.

This comes to 4-5 steps.

Compared to when I used PasswordSafe on my Android device I would:
1.) Enter master password
2.) Hold Yubikey up to the device

2 steps compared to as much as 5.

Please either reduce the number of steps or allow for settings to reduce the number of steps without compromising any security.
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