Add a logo to a website or other item yourself

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Add a logo to a website or other item yourself

Postby M4RTYN » Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:17 pm

It is handy that a logo is automatically added to a website that you store in your LastPass vault.
This way you can quickly find a website in your vault.

But LastPass doesn't have a logo for every website.
That's why it seems useful to me if we as users can help LastPass with this by adding logos ourselves. :idea:

For adding a logo I would like to see the following options:

[*]The ability to share the logo with LastPass and other LastPass users so that they can see the same logo in their LastPass vault. (Only as an option and not required.)
I would like to set this separately for each website.

[*]Use the logo for this domain

[*]Use the logo specifically for this url or subdomain (for example for a **** website)

It would also be useful if self-added logos were not simply (automatically) changed.
Only if the user indicates that a logo in his / her vault can be changed automatically.
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