Restrict Profiles to Specified Devices

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Restrict Profiles to Specified Devices

Postby thomasm516 » Wed Jul 17, 2019 3:26 pm

When a new profile is created, I would like the ability to specify that the profile, and everything stored within that profile, be visible and accessible only on the devices that I specify (Work PC, home PC, tablet, phone).

I have a lot of sites that I use for work which require me to log in. I have those sites stored in LastPass under my Work profile. I also have a Personal profile for online training, shopping, hobby sites, etc., and a Financial profile for online banking and brokerage accounts. I don't need any of the sites in my Personal and Financial profiles while I am at work, and I would prefer that those profiles not even be visible, let alone accessible, on my work machine.

This would allow me to have all my credentials stored in one place, and to implement an additional level of security by restricting the devices that are authorized to view and access those credentials.

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