Update more than one password at a time when prompted

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Update more than one password at a time when prompted

Postby oedgar303 » Tue Jul 09, 2019 8:20 pm

When you change your password to a website, you get prompted by lastpass if you want to update your password for the site. You can check the box that appears on the left of the password and update your password item. What about when you update a password that is used by several websites that either use the same domain, host, or route, and you have a password saved for each one of those sites. For example, I have an website that has a production and development server that uses the same host and therefore very similar domain. When i update the password to the website, I get prompted by lastpass if i want to update my password, and both my production and development lastpass password items come up in the list, but i can only check the box of one of those password items. It would be beneficial and save a lot of time if i could apply the update to more than one saved password item.
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