Adoption of Android Pie Biometrics API

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Adoption of Android Pie Biometrics API

Postby nathanw1208487 » Fri Feb 08, 2019 2:13 pm

In Android Pie, an API was created to allow apps to use a general form of biometrics. This means that rather than using specifically the fingerprint sensor, the user can use iris scanning or facial recognition as well. On my phone, I find using the iris scanner to be far more convenient and consistent than using the fingerprint scanner. Currently, the LastPass auto fill app only uses the fingerprint sensor. I think that LastPass should adopt this new API. As described in this blog post ( by Google, when implemented correctly, it is backwards compatible with older version of Android, falling back to just the fingerprint scanner. This means that users who do not have Android P will not be negatively affected. In theory, this should be a very simple feature to implement, but would go a long way in allowing users to have greater convenience.
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