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Temporary Disable

Postby HelloMom » Wed Jan 16, 2019 2:40 pm

I know this has been posted many times over the past several years and been rejected, so I'm aware this is a repost, but I want to bring the topic up again with a new use case: web development.

Many web development tools have the display of the website changing in real time as you do whatever you're doing. LastPass can cause tools like these to crash. A temporary disable, like how you can click the AdBlock toolbar icon to quickly enable and disable adblocking, would be a much better solution than having to go into the add-ons submenu and completely disable the LastPass plugin every time you have to edit a page with forms.

I'm sure there are many incompatibilities and bugs that people run into where it would be nice to just temporarily disable the plugin, even if they use LastPass to log in on another part of that same website.
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