Feature Request – Color character sets and Show Password

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Feature Request – Color character sets and Show Password

Postby disciple32101 » Thu Dec 06, 2018 1:10 pm

I very much appreciate the opportunity to view my passwords on my iPhone using the three colors based on the character set. For those that don't use it, letters appear in black, numbers appear in red, and special characters appear in blue. This makes it MUCH easier to figure what the actual characters are for those applications/sites that don't allow copy/paste of a password. Can we have this capability on the LastPass browser-based plug-ins?

In addition, it would also be FABULOUS to have the "Show Password" option that is available on my iPhone also be available in the LastPass browser-based plug-ins.

I use the LastPass plug-ins in Safari and Chrome on my MacBook Pro.

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Re: Feature Request – Color character sets and Show Password

Postby Flying_jeje » Fri Jul 05, 2019 9:34 am

Hi disciple32101,

You know what ? I am 99% agreed with your request. I'm an Android phone/Chrome browser user and I PRAY that the feature "View/Show password" available on my mobile will one day be available to on LastPass browser-based plug-ins ! And the cherry on the cake will be with the colored characters set !

It is really inconfortable/a pain to necessary open the "Modify item form" and to click the "eye" button to read the password stored.
Moreover, numberous high-securited website used "virtual keyboard" to fill password fields.

So, in the meantime the marvel-lous lastpass team find the hability to figure out that kind of security fields, I vote +1 for your Feature request !

Best regards.
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