Laspt Pass OS app to default Browser relationship

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Laspt Pass OS app to default Browser relationship

Postby RundaScath » Mon Nov 26, 2018 9:49 am

Hi :) I was hoping that in the future you could add the functionality that the Operating System application (MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android, etc.) when signed in could translate this access right via a secure token tot he default browser. This would then allow the User to sign into one app location on the device they at that moment using and can seamlessly go between the app and the browser for a better UX. AS it stands now I have to sign into each of the app types each time I want to use them (Yes I told last pass not to let the browser stay alive it it shuts down or another LastPass portal is signed into). The purpose I though was so if my phone got stolen and I signed into my computer then the phone would be automatically signed out. However this seems to have a less than friendly UX as it will do the same thing even on the same device. It would be nice to sign into say my MacOS app and then launch my browser (and not have to sign in again to my browser plugin. This seems to be the case already in the new iOS 12 software update now that LastPass was allowed to be an integrated password manager. Would be cool to have this occur for Mac OS and Windows too :)
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