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Username Generator

Postby rich5370 » Mon Nov 12, 2018 12:38 pm

Just like the built-in Password Generator, It would be nice to have a Username Generator.

I recently had two instances with two different Credit Card Companies, CapitalOne and Chase, where my account was locked due to "failed log-in attempts." This was mostly on Chase. The CaptialOne went the extra step for ID authentication--Which I find to be unnecessary given that I log in just once a month to pay the bill--So I can only surmise that it may be due to hacks. I was right. Chase customer service verified that attempts to login into my account were done from an Android device, a few different dates prior. They couldn't break my password. But, what I didn't realize--Now, I feel stupid--is what gave them a foot in the door was the username. Everyone is always about "don't use the same password." I have been doing that for sometime now. But no one thinks--at least I didn't--about the username. So, that should be as unique as possible, especially across banking applications.

So, in short, consider adding a Username Generator. I think this would be a very helpful addition.
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