Work Home Private Areas within lastpasss

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Work Home Private Areas within lastpasss

Postby amdon » Thu Nov 01, 2018 11:49 pm

I'm doing two jobs and actively working on local club admin work.
I think I need to keep 5+ lastpass accounts.
one fore work place#1, one fore work place#2, one for my club, one for my home, one for the holidaying and one for the logins what I'm not sharing with my kids.
Thing is some of the time there will be people working with me behind the shoulder, and at my home computer I'd like to leave last pass logged in all the time.
I'd like to have same account with few different logins
These logins can be different passwords or same as master password
only main(master) login can access all the sites (delete ,sharing and even view passwords , access to console, etc)
logins can be something like this (master login) (work 1 login) (work 2 login) (club login) (logins to use when holidaying in different places) login) etc

if you login from you can access only work related passwords
if you login from and login again(add) with you can access both work1 and club logins
While logged in from above two and logged in from master login, you can access everything

When you log off you'd log off from master account (everything)

users should able to create 9+ sub logins
if sub logins can't view passwords or access console, we only need to login from master login when we need to modify/organize passwords.
We can prevent login from master login from unsafe environments.
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