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Create MSP offering

Postby lowellp » Thu Feb 23, 2017 2:23 pm

Would be wonderful if we could offer LastPass Enterprise as another part of our MSP solution, managed centrally, for our business customers. Any plans on creating an MSP solution?
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Re: Create MSP offering

Postby iws » Wed Jan 24, 2018 8:30 am

I'd love to see this too. Surprised it doesn't exist already.
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Re: Create MSP offering

Postby johnbenj » Wed Sep 19, 2018 7:00 pm

YES, please create this offering! I want to add LastPass into my solution so we can manage and support password for our customers.
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Re: Create MSP offering

Postby Dilbertismymuse » Wed Nov 28, 2018 10:05 am

+1 for us too - any update Lastpass?
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