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A better feature request board

PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 2016 6:11 pm
by dyerseve
So this is just a forum, it's not really built to "vote" and prioritize feature requests... (the pinned post about voting for features is about 8 years old and most of those features are already implemented) I'm sure LP has some internal system to track their roadmap on new features, but this board is pretty terrible at finding and voting up user requests. I'm praying my request is seen by a staff member before it inevitably gets buried. I see many requests have 0 replies and basically get buried, this just makes the customer feel like no one is listening.

As much as I hate Microsoft because they tend to totally ignore user requests, their use of uservoice is pretty slick as far as bumping up the most requested items, letting user's vote on items.

I believe on the back end you can merge duplicates, you can tag requests as "being worked on", "considering", etc.

What is the process here for "bumping" a request, I made one earlier, it got some views but has been buried with no replies. And of course I think it's a genius idea that I'd love to see implemented. :D

Re: A better feature request board

PostPosted: Fri Feb 16, 2018 12:52 pm
by K0media
I reckon this. I visited the forums in the past and it looks pretty much like the same as it was in the past.

There are lots of other services around to stick to which are certainly more well-developed and more beautiful than this depressing white n gray eye-blinding design.

If there's a feature request you'd like to suggest to such big companies, pray that other users are requesting the same thing flooding the forums with similar points.

Believe me, I'm full of feedback e-mails on my inbox/outbox that I've sent to a lot of developers in the past. Perhaps none or like 4 out of 100 were heard and considered for future updates.

As a final point: if you want to see and use a decent platform for some kind of service, develop it yourself, or it can take years in order to see what you've always wanted to see in your preferred service. I'd mention examples here but this is getting pretty off-topic.

This is an old thread, I searched for something else and landed here. It's good to see someone that cared about this kind of thing so far.

move feature requests to user voice

PostPosted: Thu Nov 01, 2018 11:17 pm
by davidmoksha
Your top two pinned posts are from 2008.
There is a poll that is filled with requests for features that were finished years ago.
As a user, I'd like to vote for the features that I'm most interested in.
Given the state of these forums, that just isn't practical. It would take me a long time to find the features I'm interested in; it's not obvious what I should do when I even find a topic; and it seems unlikely that the information from my adding a "me too" will be reasonably easy to collect and act upon.
User voice is a great product that could help your product managers a great deal, and your users will like it too. Or go with a competitor, I don't care if it's that particular product, I just happen to know that one's good.