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Re: Change password reminder

PostPosted: Wed Feb 06, 2019 1:03 pm
by rdalek
+1 from me as well. Some sites, anything that involves financial info, should be changed every once in a while. Having a reminder would be most helpful and help us be more secure, which is what LastPass is helping us do. I checked last night and realized I had let my bank and credit card, plus some other sites that store payment info, go far to long between password changes. My bank was over two years. It seems like it wasn't even a year until I looked. Now I want to go check some other sites as well.

Since LastPass doesn't have this, I mentioned it to my bank this morning in a secure email. Thing is, that doesn't help with the other dozen or so sites I'd like to have the same notice for. LastPass is the best one to remind me and most likely the rest of us as well.