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Virtual Groups / Virtual Categories

Postby jafo » Sun Oct 04, 2009 10:34 pm

I love the ability to open all records under a category. However, depending on the task, I may want to login to sites that appear under different categories. Two independent tasks may share certain logins, but I can only put each login under 1 category. I want to create task groups (grouping logins by task). What about "virtual" groupings so I can put the same logins under multiple categories/task groupings (and subsequently open them all task related logins at once)?

Here is the example:

I have 2 tasks that require login to multiple places. There is overlap between groups and logins for these two tasks.

Task 1 -
requires login to sites A, & B

Task 2 -
requires login to sites B & C

So, you can see that I need to login to site B for both tasks.

"A" might be a financial site login
"B" might be a corporate business site login
"C" might be a research site login

Right now, I have 12 financial logins and they are all grouped under "Finance". There is never a need (task) that requires me opening all 12 at once. But, as each login can only belong to a single category, "Finance" is the best way to group them.

I want to group by task.

Virtual Groups would solve this problem.

This would save a lot of time.

Finally, I would like to share a virtual group, too.


ps. This was put under a different thread and got buried. I decided to break it out. Still a good idea, though.
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