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Re: KeePass Sync

Postby Cato2 » Wed Sep 08, 2010 3:22 am

nazariuskappertaal Wrote:I've made a simple python script that allows you to convert the LastPass export format (just save the export as a text file in the same directory as the script) to the KeePass XML import format.

It can be found here:

Usage: python lastpass2keepass lastpassexport keepass.xml

Thanks for writing this! I'm just trying it out, and noted a couple of things:

- not sure which KeePass format it supports, 1.x or 2.x? I'm using 1.x because I can sync that to my Android phone

- if you give this script an encrypted export from LastPass Pocket, it doesn't give an error - useful to say it requires the decrypted LP export file even if that seems obvious. Checking that allEntries[] is zero length is an easy way to detect a non CSV file.

- Using KeePassX 0.2.x which is a bit old and uses the 1.x format, I ran into a KeePassX bug that wouldn't let me import any XML files, so have still not tested this fully.

- I'm using a TrueCrypt volume to keep the unencrypted export file safe during the export from LP

Curious to know, which version of KeePass did you test this with?
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Re: KeePass Sync

Postby dale3h » Mon Sep 20, 2010 4:22 pm

I'd like to put in my 2 cents:

I love the desktop portion of KeePass and I love the web portion of LastPass. Since LastPass is browser based and KeePass is desktop based, there is no room to be competitive. These 2 products need to work together provided the ultimate browser + desktop password management.

If LastPass used a local copy of a KeePass db AND synced to the net, this would be ideal. This would allow me to use KeePass in Windows and LastPass in my browsers, and everything would be synced through the browser keeping both KeePass and LastPass up to date with the latest information.

For now, I am disabling LastPass to go back to KeePass. When I become aware of the seamless integration of the 2 working together, I will use LastPass again. I don't really like the UI of LastPass when adding a new password -- this is something KeePass has over LastPass.

I will continue to monitor this topic over the next few months to see if this feature becomes available. I would go premium if this were a premium-only feature. Trust me, you'll make more money integrating KeePass syncing than not. Think of it as a business decision.

Don't compete; unite.
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Re: KeePass Sync

Postby Woodje » Tue Sep 21, 2010 4:43 pm

sameer Wrote:Is this just a UI thing, or is there a specific feature-set that KeePass provides that you find missing in LastPass?
If there's something that provides value that is missing, we'd like to add it.

I'm another user who has moved from KeePass to LastPass. Whilst the browser integration is much much better, I mostly used KeePass on a day-to-day basis for apps (SSH passwords, application passwords, and other adhoc passwords). I have a copy of the both LastPass portable, and the LastPass for Applications beta, but they just aren't as good. The main things I miss are:

- Minimise to tray
- The grouping is done better (Groups pane is not as visually obvious of the structure)
- Copy/Paste security (KeePass detects when you paste and then nukes it from clipboard)
- LastPass Portable is not very economic on space. The way I use KeePass is that its minimised to tray, but when it's active it's sitting in the bottom corner of my screen so I can easily copy/paste a password into whatever app I'm using, so it needs to be as compact as possible.
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Re: KeePass Sync

Postby mapapo » Sun Mar 27, 2011 5:51 am

Ill jump into an old thread but just wanted to give a vote for at least a keepass - compatible export (xml file). At least here in my environment keepass is more or less the standard for storing sensible data - when I deal with my SAP-Consultants we exchange passwords over keypass-files ...
Keepass will always be there and in my opinion is the safe harbour.
I just put an IT-Policy in plave where all admins have to store there passwords in a keypass-file which is put onto an usb-key in our safe - I decided that we use keepass because I am sure that keypass-files can be read also in 10 years ;)

Therefore - Import from keypass is a must - you have it allready - export to keypass just shows the trust you have in your product - of course it makes it easier for people to change to a different product - but if your product is good why should they - but it also makes things like exchanging passwords with users of different products easier.
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Re: KeePass Sync

Postby knightnet » Fri Apr 01, 2011 8:47 am

This has been covered many times by Joe. He feels that it is up to KeePass to put in support for the LP XML format. Whilst it would be nice to have, I can't see that it would be a top priority for LP development.

LP can already be slow to start in some cases so it seems important to me to keep it small and fast if it is to be of use.

If this kind of thing is important, why not try creating an XSLT to transform the LP XML into something that KP can import, or pick up the Python script from earlier in the thread. Also, get in touch with the KP devs to see if they will support the import.

Just a note on security admin for you too. I hope that you are not just trusting those USB keys to keep the data safe? They do fail. I actually find that it is safer to keep them on an active disk on the network that is backed up offsite (I use CrashPlan which supports custom private keys to ensure security of the offsite backup). It is worth building in a backup script to the laptop/desktop automated backups so that the KP database files are automatically copied - or, even better, add CrashPlan to every PC! Also, if you are looking for long-term safety, make sure you keep a copy of both KeePass itself and the source code if possible, it is always a shock to realise that your critical software is no longer available.
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Re: KeePass Sync

Postby greg.harvey » Tue Apr 05, 2011 7:00 am

The python script is a 404. Gutted. :(

To add my two pence, the thing with KeePass is it's a separate app on the computer, which is simply more comfortable than a browser tab. It's a ease of use thing for me. KeePass can hover in the background, I can Alt+Tab to it in an instant, copy a pwd and Alt+Tab back again. Having to operate in a browser tab is a real PITA. I find myself still using KeyPass, even though I now have a LastPass account.

Bottom line for me is the storage mechanism is *great* and I love all the LastPass features ... but I don't like the client. If I could either use KeePass as the client, *or* LastPass made a cross-platform desktop app based on the KeePass project for their own purposes, I'd be very happy! I just want a nicer interface. The browser tab thing is really turning me off, which is a shame, cos otherwise it's a great service. :)
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Re: KeePass Sync

Postby KrakenSkulls » Fri Apr 08, 2011 9:28 pm

As a Premium someone who just spent the last few hours attempting to export his lastpass vault into KeePass 2, I am very angry reading this thread. I came from KeePass because Lastpass simply had better online functionality. Up until now I hadn't bothered running it again, but KeePass has some unique features (plugins anyone?) that I wanted to take advantage of again. Notably the bluetooth key thing.

You cannot say with a straight face that it is "easy" to export lastpass.

You get 3 options. 2 really.
1) encrypted XML backup file solely for lastpass and useless for anything else.
2) busted CSV file that doesn't even use industry-standard quotes, and thus chokes KeePass , additional problems explained below
3) Directly into Firefox, the most insecure password manager I know of (plaintext on your drive, at least prior to 4.0)

I thought I wasn't looking in the right place so I tried the Export from and nearly choked when I saw all my precious passwords unencrypted in my browser as plaintext. What am I supposed to do with that? Copy to clipboard, paste into notepad and save as... ? CSV, supposedly. WHERE IS THE UNENCRYPTED XML?

Which brings us to the final problem. The Secure Notes get dumped in with the passwords, making a gigantic mess of things and rendering any attempt at clean export->import impossible. I wasn't asking for much! Just groups, titles. urls, pass, username, date.

Obviously you haven't tried the roundabout method of exporting to firefox, then using the 3rd party importer to KeePass because it's terrible. It doesn't even get the titles imported, let alone groups#@$@$@!

You guys keep saying you aren't "holding our data hostage", well, maybe not, but it cries in the shower now and isn't good for much. Put your money where your mouth is and write a functioning XML exporter.

More customers will come to your party if they know they can leave, rather than seeing you locked the exit.

Thank you.
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Re: KeePass Sync

Postby imran-uk » Tue Apr 12, 2011 8:49 am

Like others, I just wanted to give my 2p worth.

I evaluated LastPass for two weeks and used the Android client. I primarily used Firefox 3.6 under Ubuntu Lucid Lynx and Chrome on the same. Before starting my evaluation I was already happily using KeepPassX on both Ubuntu Lucid Lynx, Windows 7 and the Android client. I also keep my KeepPassX databases in sync with Dropbox. KeepPassX and Dropbox (both free) is a powerful combo. I decided to try LastPass because it looked like it could make web logins much easier and it has support for 2-factor auth.

First off, a very big well done to the LastPass guys for a technically excellent backend. You have clearly thought of all the sensible precautions in storing this data and use best practice like salted hashes. Your customer support is also very responsive. Also the various 2-factor auth methods look great. It was supremely easy to get my 500+ KeePassX entries imported into LastPass. Also, login to websites and web-enabled front-ends to routers, firewalls etc was fantastic and so convenient - literally visit the login page and it automagically submits and you're in.

However... ;-)

I have decided not to go with LastPass because of the following:

* It is much more suited to website credentials than ssh logins and other generic private data.
* Offline use is available but one cannot edit or add while offline.
* Firefox plugin much more mature than Chrome forcing one to use Firefox as primary browser (I prefer to use Chrome).
* Plugin is slow to use, clunky. I was unhappy whenever I had caused to use the GUI - either the plugin or website.

My sincere advice to the LastPass team is to fix this "last 10%" of stuff which for developers I know is tedious but is needed for a polished product. I would happily pay a nominal amount per-year for a product that met all of my requirements. In the end the speed and flexibility of the KeePassX + Dropbox combo won out.
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Re: KeePass Sync

Postby kcmjr » Wed Nov 07, 2012 2:27 pm

I would also like to add my comments.

I use both products, LastPass online and KeePass via a USB key in portable form. I just found and installed Pocket LastPass and will see how that goes. I'll still use KeePass at least for now because I've used it for years, know it, and trust it.

I would also love a one step sync between the two tools, but since I know LastPass is a for profit company I don't really expect them to provide tools to sync into an open source free tool. Would be nice, but I'm not losing any sleep if they don't.

Frankly I do just fine syncing the two as is. I use KeePass as my portable backup repository. I use LastPass as my primary log on tool and occasionally export the data to a local file that KeePass is quite happy to import. That import includes the groups, notes, etc, everything is there. That gives me what I need, the online log on process, and an offline backup.

Again, a sync tool would be wonderful but as long as the level of functionality I have now remains the same then I'm happy for the most part.
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