Link several different sites together

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Link several different sites together

Postby SeanM » Mon Aug 17, 2009 6:06 pm

Would love to see an option to link several entries to one another so that they all use the same username and password. At work we use the same username and password for many different sites. I think we have about 20 different internal servers that use the same windows log on. Every couple of months we have to change our password. Would love to only have to change it once in lastpass and have all the others just work.

They are not on the same domain and since the addresses are not .com, .org, etc. I can't use the equivalent domains feature.

Thanks either way for a great product.

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Re: Link several different sites together

Postby JoeSiegrist » Mon Aug 17, 2009 11:07 pm

We have a feature specifically built for this but it requires them to be in the same domain (when you change the password it selects the accounts with the same password in the same domain). It would seem pretty clunky to take that beyond the same + equivalent domains...
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Re: Link several different sites together

Postby jswright61 » Sun Sep 06, 2009 12:03 pm

If you have access to your hosts file you can create entries for all the machines and give them the domain name: mach1.myPrivateDomain mac2.myPrivateDomain mach3.myPrivateDomain

note the lack of a real tld.

then just access the machines via the new name

If you don't have access to hosts and you have a corporate dns server, you might ask the sys admin to make cname records for the machines in question. All the cname records should be in the same domain, obviously.
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