Idea for new feature for logging into "random pick" sites

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Idea for new feature for logging into "random pick" sites

Postby Julian » Thu Jul 30, 2009 5:50 am

More and more of my financial sites (banks, online brokers, credit cards) are moving to "random pick" logins, i.e. as well as a user ID the user is also asked for (typically) three randomly chosen characters from his/her password, e.g.

These sites are tricky for LastPass and I would think that the challenge of coming up with a robust algorithm for parsing such a login page and identifying the characters that it is asking for is considerable. There is one much more simple feature though that would help for these sites.

How about having the facility to attach an automatic popup to a LastPass record so that, when the user navigates to a "random pick" site that LastPass knows about then, as well as highlighting the simple fields that it knows how to log into (e.g. the user ID), it will also automatically pop up a small window showing the text of the notes for the site (where presumably the user would have stored the passwords they need to get through the random-pick verification)?

Right now I tend to save my random pick password and/or PIN number in the note field for the LastPass site record but it is then slightly clunky to go and view it when I need to log in (I use the <Site/Edit...> menu option from the plugin dropdown menu) so it would be really nice if it was possible to have this info automatically pop up when I need it.

Of course if you could do a good job of automatically filling in the randomly chosen characters then that is the optimal solution but, in the absence of that, an automatic popup where a user could save the necessary passwords or hints would be a great help.

- Julian
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