LastPass with Authentec FingerPrint Reader

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LastPass with Authentec FingerPrint Reader

Postby harrygharper » Sat Aug 20, 2011 4:31 pm

Since LP was first recommended by Ask Leo, I've had it installed. Recently I wanted to beef up security and, after reading the LP guide, decided to add a fingerpint reader - via Amazon I purchased the Eikon Digital Privacy Manager which included the reader and software. (Eikon was purchased by Authentec as you may know.) After quite a few messages back and forth between me and tech support at Authentec (had to update reader software in order for it to work with LP) and tech support at LP (Alex is excellent), I learned that adding a finger print reader does not give you multifactor security as does using the matrix method (which I found to be cumbersome). I incorrectly assumed that I would be able to swipe my finger, then be asked for my LP password and - together - they would get me into the LP system. For me, that would be excellent security. The best I can do for now is to use the finger print reader most of the time and to have a really long, complicated LP password for those times, like in Chrome, when it is not recognized by LP. Authentec tells me that LP must not have updated the Chrome extension for the new Chrome version 13.0.782.112 m. Just wish all of this didn't have to be so complicated !
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