1 July Chrome addon change adds additional level to navigate

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1 July Chrome addon change adds additional level to navigate

Postby JetJaguarXP » Wed Jul 01, 2020 6:15 pm

Hello to anyone who cares,

Can anyone tell me why anyone thought it was a good idea to add ANOTHER level of unnecessary navigation to the LastPass Chrome add-on update that took place on my computer on 1 July 2020? It used to take two clicks to open a site. Then it was three. That's fine, I started using folders to organize sites since I have so many stored in LastPass. Then it was four... Then five... Now it takes six clicks to finally open a site.

It's like the original concept of the add-on to allow users to quickly open sites with only two to three clicks was forgotten or ignored. It's actually reducing my productivity now. It's faster just to open a tab and type in a URL.

What the hell LastPass? Why does everyone have to have delusions of grandeur? Keep it simple. Maybe a LastPass Lite add-on that just give you access DIRECTLY to sites?


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